I’ve always loved having friends over to our house, so this is one of my favorite newsletters to send each year. It’s a treat to personally invite you to join us this Saturday for our annual Farm Tour Day, where you’ll have the chance to see our farm and turkeys, and experience for yourself what we’re up to here. We’ve got a great day planned with live music, hayrides, samples, and a few activities for the kiddos. And, if you’re so inclined, there are lots of other diverse farms to visit if you’d like to continue along the Co-Op Farm Tour.

This event really captures what we’re all about at Ferndale Market. Not only do you have a chance to see our type of farming first-hand, with our turkeys running around outdoors, but you also get to hear why we do what we do, and how you help sustain farms like ours.

When we opened Ferndale Market, we intentionally chose to put our retail store right here on our farm, because I dreamed of bringing customers to the source of our Ferndale turkey, to see how we do things differently. This isn’t the model most of agriculture’s using, but it’s one we’re proud to continue. Our Farm Tour Day has become the annual realization of that vision, as we pull back the curtain to showcase how we raise our turkeys, and make the products we put our name on.

We’ll save you a seat on the hay ride, and hope to see you Saturday!