Accountants have April 15th.
Big box retailers have Black Friday.
At Ferndale Market, it’s no secret that Thanksgiving is our time to shine!

Things are in full swing here: our shelves are being stocked, our trucks are delivering turkeys to our retail partners, and our phones are ringing with fresh turkey orders. On the farm and in the market, our work this season is filled with pride and purpose, knowing that our turkeys will be at the center of family gatherings.

I was recently invited to be on a food podcast, and was asked about the importance of relationships in farming. Sadly, I said, I don’t think there are enough relationships in agriculture today. Consumers don’t know where – or how – their food is grown, and farmers are typically feeding an entirely anonymous global public.

We are incredibly grateful that our work is different. This is the time of year that reinforces what makes our model so unique: a direct connection with our customers like you. Farm to fork, farm to table; call it what you’d like. As a farmer, it’s an honor to be entrusted with providing your family with our free-range turkey. We look forward to seeing many of you at TurkeyFest this weekend, or in the days leading to Thanksgiving. Whether you’re picking-up your Ferndale turkey at our on-farm market, or at one of our retail partners, we thank you for being the difference in what we do.

Happy Thanksgiving!