The Minnesota Twins went 2-and-1 and I hardly saw a minute of the games, but I won’t forget my favorite baseball series of the year.  You may have seen that Ferndale Market had the opportunity to be a vendor at Target Field for the Twins vs. Tigers series in late August. It was a privilege to be selected, and as a baseball fan, an absolute highlight of the season.

If you’ve been to Target Field this year, you may have noticed the newly-remodeled main gate entrance, including the Gate 34 Experience.  The new space has booths devoted to local restaurants, food makers, and merchants, each booth rotating with new offerings each series.  It’s a testament to how far the “local” movement has come, when even stadiums – often known for the sameness of their offerings – are seeking out the distinctiveness that comes with local, independent businesses.

The weekend brought us many moments of pride, and an opportunity to reflect on Ferndale Market’s evolution over the past 11 years.  We would never have been able to pull this off when we opened in 2008.  For starters, we wouldn’t have had a turkey hot dog to serve!  We didn’t launch our Uncured Turkey Wiener until 2012, two full years after Target Field opened.  It’s partnerships that made it possible.  Our hot dogs are smoked just up the road at Lorentz Meats.  Our Rachael brats are crafted at Steve’s Meat Market.  All our buns for the series came from Hi Quality Bakery, our ketchup from Local Folks, and our mustard from Mustard Girl.

Our weekend at Target Field was a celebration of partnerships and the growth in demand for local foods.  We’re proud to be a part of a community that celebrates good food and family farmers, and it’s a joy to extend opportunity to our other local partners.  We’re plowing new ground together.

If you’d like to see my well-practiced grilling technique and enjoy a free turkey hot dog lunch, please join us for our Fall Open House on Saturday, October 5th.  Lunch is on us, in recognition of your support in plowing the path.

Go Twins!