It’s the season of opening barn doors and chasing turkeys out to range! There’s probably no time on a farm that captures the eternal optimism in agriculture better than spring. No matter what happened last year, new seeds get planted each spring. Despite the muddy boots and surprise late season snowflakes, there’s an excitement to the season as we get back to what we do best.

The other excitement around Ferndale is a long time coming! After years of customer requests and lots of learning on our part, we are finally ready to launch a pre-sliced version of our Smoked Turkey Breast. Most people may wonder why this took us so long.  After all, how hard could it be to slice something we’re already making? I’ll simply say, it’s harder than we knew!

All along, our guiding principal in developing the Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast remained “let’s not change a thing—just slice it!” Turns out, because we are using whole turkey breasts and simple kitchen-cupboard ingredients, there are very few processors able to slice a product that’s inherently variable – natural. Most of the lunchmeat we’re all accustomed to seeing is made using the same process to form meat into a uniform circle for consistency and sizing, but we wanted to do something different. After all, have you seen a real piece of meat that’s always perfectly circular?

We stuck to our goal here, and we think you’ll be happy with the finished product. Trust me, we didn’t change a thing. We just sliced it! Same recipe and real smoke, and we’ll continue to offer all our other smoked turkey options. This one will just help make your quick sandwich making a little quicker. In addition to finding our new Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast at our on-farm store, it will also soon be available through our retail partners.

I’m going to get back out to the spring projects. Thanks for your support and we’ll hope to see you at Ferndale Market soon!