This is one of my favorite notes to write each year, because I get to personally invite you to visit our farm! I always love having company, and I especially enjoy the chance to pull back the curtain on our farm and Ferndale story, so our customers and fans can see our turkeys first-hand. In that spirit, I hope you can join us on Saturday, July 16th as we participate in the annual Co-op Farm Tour.

For our part, we’ll be providing hay ride tours around the farm, so you can see our turkeys, our land, and hear what makes our Ferndale products unique. Days like this are special in agriculture, because they’re the missing link in the sea of typically-anonymous foods. We know how rare it is for a shopper to see the farm their food came from, and unfortunately, it’s even rarer for a farmer to stand face-to-face with the customers that are nourished by their efforts. And, selfishly, this is the only day of the year that I get to be on a hayride all day, avoiding all the other work on my list!

This year’s event is made a bit more meaningful, because only months ago we weren’t sure if we would participate due to worries about avian influenza. Thankfully, we feel comfortable hosting visitors (while keeping guests away from immediate turkey contact, of course), and are thrilled we can participate again in this fun tradition.

Tours here will be available from 10:00-4:00, and we’ll have samples in the store, and games for the kiddos.

I’ll hope to see you on the farm!