The empty boxes are piling up high in the back room, so Thanksgiving must be just around the corner!  Beginning mid-summer each year, we start saving empty boxes of all shapes and sizes to assist with turkey carryout during the Thanksgiving season. Because dressed turkeys tend to be heavy and awkwardly shaped, we give a lot of used boxes a second act as a handy carrying container.  The tall pile of boxes ready-for-action signals that Thanksgiving prep is in full swing around here.

This is the time of year we’re all operating in high speed — on the farm, at the market, and in our warehouse.  Our team is taking orders, loading shipments, and, of course, tending to turkeys each day.  Despite the curveballs 2020 has thrown at us, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue many of these usual Thanksgiving patterns here.

And yet, we know so many things will feel very different this Thanksgiving season.  For starters, our TurkeyFest will be completely curbside.  We’ll still be glad to welcome you to the farm, and you’ll still be able to pick-up all your local favorites along with your turkey, but we’ll do it all in a convenient drive-through process.  We know many of your traditions will look very different too, and whether you pick-up your turkey at Ferndale Market, or from one of our retail partners, we appreciate you making the effort to find us.

Speaking of different, I don’t ever recall having to chase our turkeys back inside on October 20th due to measurable wet snow!  In a year that’s constantly reminding us of how much can change, we are more grateful than ever for your continued support of our farm, local foods, and Ferndale Market.  Whether we see you through your car window here, or you find our turkey elsewhere, have a wonderful Thanksgiving season.