I’m very aware that there are many places you can buy food today. We live in a time and place where groceries seem to be everywhere: gas stations, home improvement stores, big box membership stores, and even delivered to your doorstep in a box. All of which is to say, we know Ferndale Market isn’t your only option. Of course, we’d like to think we’re doing something a little different here, but we never take for granted that you seek us out in a crowded and competitive world of food.

It was probably a crazy idea to open an on-farm local food store in 2008, but Ferndale Market is still here today because of you. I think that’s well worth celebrating each year, so please consider this your personal invitation to join me and our team for our annual Customer Appreciation Day next Saturday, October 1st.  Lunch is on Ferndale (you can guess the main course!), and we have some great local food partners coming to sample fall favorites. In addition to our celebration, it’ll be a great autumn day to visit Cannon Falls.

I say all the time that one of my favorite things about our type of farming (or retail, for that matter) is the chance to know our customers face-to-face.  You give purpose to our work, and we hope to see you here next Saturday to thank you for seeing the difference in what we do, and choosing to invest a portion of your food dollars here at Ferndale Market.