Cheese (Priced By Item)

Crave Brothers Fresh Mozzarella Cheese$3.99
Rochdale Parmesean Cheese$3.59
St. Paul Bagelry Cream Cheese$5.00
Kalona Whole Milk Cottage Cheese (16oz)$6.19
Westby Low-fat Cottage Cheese (24oz)$4.99
Westby 4% Cottage Cheese (24oz)$4.99
Red Barn Heritage Cheddar$5.99
Red Barn Edun$6.19
Eichtens Smoked Plain Cheese (8/pkg)$5.79
Eichtens Smoked String Cheese (8/pkg)$5.79
Pasture Pride Juusto with Bacon$5.50
Pasture Pride Juusto$5.79
Roth Havarti Dill$4.49
Saxon Snowfields$5.69
Saxon Alpine Style$7.69
Odyssey Feta Crumbles$3.59
Rochdale Mild White Cheddar$5.79
Organic Valley Cream Cheese Bar (8oz)$4.19
Organic Valley Cream Cheese Tub (8oz)$4.19
Pepperjack Cheese$5.89
Metz Six Pepper Cheese Curds$3.99
Metz Garlic & Herb Cheese Curds$3.99
Metz Plain Cheese Curds$3.99
Cannonbelles Gouda$7.79
Cannonbelles Bacon Cheese Curds$4.39
Cannonbelles Queso Fresco$5.99
Widmer Brick Cheese Spread$4.69
Sartori Asiago$3.59
Sartori Shredded Parmesean$4.19
Caves of Faribault St. Pete's Select Blue$5.19
Caves of Faribault Amablu Crumbles$4.99
Mont Chevre Garlic & Herb Crotin$3.79
Mont Chevre Fresh Crotin$3.49
Natural Valley Colby Jack$6.99
Natural Valley Mild Cheddar$6.99
LaClare Chandoka (Mix of Cow & Goat)$5.19
LaClare Raw Goat Cheddar$6.19
Organic Valley Shredded Mozzarella$5.39
Organic Valley Shredded Mexican Blend$5.59
Organic Valley American Singles$6.79
Organic Valley Mild Cheddar Slices$5.79

Cheese (Priced by Weight)

Cedar Grove - Pizza Cheese$6.49
Deer Creek Robin Colby$13.59
Pasture Pride Mild Cheddar$7.99
Red Barn Cupola$23.89
Milton Tomato Garlic Cheddar$9.98
Milton Prairie Breeze Cheddar$13.29
Milton 4-Alarm Cheddar$10.10
Widmer 4 yr Aged Cheddar$15.99
Widmer Colby Cheese$9.59
Sartori Montamore$12.39
Sartori Merlot Bellavitano$14.99
Sartori SarVecchio Parmesean$14.59
Caves of Faribault Fini Cheddar$13.99
Caves of Faribault St. Mary's Gouda$33.19
Caves of Faribault Jeff's Select Gouda$18.79
Marieke Smoked Gouda$17.99
Marieke Young Gouda$15.79
Marieke Truffle Gouda$20.29
Marieke Bacon Gouda$20.25
Marieke Foenegreek Gouda$16.49
Redhead Garlic Cheddar$16.99
Redhead Tipsy Tilsiter$18.99
Redhead Little Lucy Brie$23.19
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