Fresh Turkey

Uncured Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast | Ferndale Market
Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast$4.49
Uncured Turkey Pepperjack Sticks | Ferndale Market
Pepperjack Turkey Sticks$4.99
Uncured Cranberry Turkey Sticks | Ferndale Market
Cranberry Turkey Sticks$4.99
Uncured Smoked Turkey Rachael Brats | Ferndale Market
Turkey Rachael Brat$4.99
Uncured Turkey Wieners | Ferndale Market
Turkey Wieners$5.99
ImageNamePrice/lbProduct price varies based on weight
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast - Boneless | Ferndale Market
Oven Roasted Boneless Turkey Breast$6.99
Uncured Boneless Smoked Turkey Breast | Ferndale Market
Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast$6.99
Uncured Smoked Turkey Drumstick | Ferndale Market
Smoked Drumsticks$3.99
Smoked Whole Turkey | Ferndale Market
Smoked Whole Turkey ($/pound)$3.49

Frozen Turkey

Ground Turkey Chub Case (12 - 1lb chubs)$27.48
Roasted Red Pepper Turkey Sausage - Ferndale Market
Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Turkey Sausage$4.99
Italian Turkey Sausage - Ferndale Market
Italian Turkey Sausage$4.99
Birchwood Cafe Turkey Patties | Ferndale Market
Birchwood Cafe Turkey Patties$4.99
Breakfast Sausage Chubs
Breakfast Sausage Chubs$4.99
Ground Turkey Breast | Ferndale Market
Ground Turkey Breast$4.99
Ground Turkey | Ferndale Market
Ground Turkey$2.29
ImageNamePrice/lbProduct price varies based on weight
Ferndale Boneless Turkey Breast Roast (~9lbs)
Ferndale Boneless Turkey Breast Roast (~9lbs)$3.29
Turkey Neck Traypack
Turkey Neck Traypack$1.99
Frozen Whole Turkey | Ferndale Market
Whole Frozen Turkey$17.50$38.50
Turkey Wings Traypack | Ferndale Market
Wing Traypack$2.49
Turkey Drumsticks Traypack | Ferndale Market
Drumstick Traypack$2.49
Turkey Thighs Traypack | Ferndale Market
Thigh Traypack$2.99
Turkey Breast Traypack | Ferndale Market
Turkey Breast Portion Traypack$3.99
Turkey Breast Tenderloin Traypack | Ferndale Market
Tenderloin Traypack$3.89
Bone-in Turkey Breast | Ferndale Market
Bone-in Turkey Breast$1.99

Hot Dogs, Bacon & Sausages

Beeler's Hot Italian Link$4.99
Beeler's No Sugar Bacon$6.79
Beelers Pork Weiners
Beelers Pork Weiners$7.59
Chef Martin Chicken and Apple Sausage
Chef Martin Chicken and Apple Sausage$5.99
Chef Martin Hot Dogs
Chef Martin Hot Dogs$6.50
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Hungarian Hunstman
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Hungarian Hunstman$8.79
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Kasewurst
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Kasewurst$8.79
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Original
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Original$7.79
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Smoked
Gerhard's Fresh Brat - Smoked$7.79
Prairie Pride Apple Cinnamon Bacon
Prairie Pride Apple Cinnamon Bacon$7.89
THCC Cocktail Wieners$9.99
THCC Stadium Brat
THCC Stadium Brat$6.99
THCC Wild Rice Sausage$6.99
THCC Wild Cranberry Beef Stick
THCC Wild Cranberry Beef Stick$3.50
Prairie Pride Summer Sausage
Prairie Pride Summer Sausage$10.59
Lorentz Fresh Country Style Sausage
Lorentz Fresh Country Style Sausage$4.59
THCC Original Meat Sticks
THCC Original Meat Sticks$3.50
THCC Beef Summer Sausage
THCC Beef Summer Sausage$9.29
THCC Beef Hot Dogs
THCC Beef Hot Dogs$6.99
THCC Beef & Pepper Jack Sausage
THCC Beef & Pepper Jack Sausage$8.29
Chef Martin Breakfast Sausage Links
Chef Martin Breakfast Sausage Links$7.49
Chef Martin Kasekrainer
Chef Martin Kasekrainer$7.49
Beelers L'il Bites
Beelers L'il Bites$6.59
Beelers Breakfast Sausage Links
Beelers Breakfast Sausage Links$6.79
Lorentz Uncured Country Style Link
Lorentz Uncured Country Style Link$3.99
Prairie Pride Pork Snack Sticks
Prairie Pride Pork Snack Sticks$6.79
Prairie Pride Smoked Sausage w/ Blueberry
Prairie Pride Smoked Sausage w/ Blueberry$8.99
Prairie Pride Pepperjack Brats
Prairie Pride Pepperjack Brats$8.29
Prairie Pride Pork Brats
Prairie Pride Pork Brats$7.99
Lorentz Pork Wieners
Lorentz Pork Wieners$5.99
Prairie Pride Kielbasa Sausage
Prairie Pride Kielbasa Sausage$7.29
Lorentz Bacon
Lorentz Bacon$6.19


THCC Tallow$8.99
THCC Beef Brisket
THCC Beef Brisket$16.99
THCC Beef Bone Broth
THCC Beef Bone Broth$7.99
THCC Bone Broth Paleo Chili (16 oz)
THCC Bone Broth Paleo Chili (16 oz)$7.49
Thousand Hills Ground Beef
THCC Ground Beef Grass-Fed (1lb)$8.50
THCC Beef Tenderloin (6oz)
THCC Beef Tenderloin (6oz)$15.39
THCC Beef Ribeye (8oz)
THCC Beef Ribeye (8oz)$15.49
THCC Beef Chuck Roast (1.5lb)
THCC Beef Chuck Roast (1.5lb)$21.89
Thousand Hills Beef Liver
THCC Beef Liver (1lb)$6.39
THCC Beef Patty (2/pkg)
THCC Beef Patty (2/pkg)$7.99
THCC Marrow Bones
THCC Marrow Bones$6.99
THCC Beef Knuckle Bones
THCC Beef Knuckle Bones$1.79


Kadejan Chicken Backs & Necks
Kadejan Chicken Backs & Necks$1.99
Kadejan Chicken Feet$1.89
Kadejan Frozen Ground Chicken
Kadejan Frozen Ground Chicken$6.59
Kadejen Frozen Bone-in Breast
Kadejen Frozen Bone-in Breast$6.59
Kadejan Fresh Whole Chicken
Kadejan Fresh Whole Chicken$3.25
Kadejen Frozen Boneless/Skinless Breast
Kadejen Frozen Boneless/Skinless Breast$8.59
Kadejan Frozen Chicken Thighs
Kadejan Frozen Chicken Thighs$3.89
Kadejan Frozen Chicken Drumsticks
Kadejan Frozen Chicken Drumsticks$2.99
Kadejan Frozen Whole Chickens
Kadejan Frozen Whole Chickens$3.89
Kadejen Frozen Wings
Kadejen Frozen Wings$3.59
Kadejen Fresh Boneless/Skinless Breast
Kadejen Fresh Boneless/Skinless Breast$8.59
Kadejan Fresh Chicken Thighs
Kadejan Fresh Chicken Thighs$3.79


Beeler's Breakfast Sausage Chub
Beeler's Breakfast Sausage Chub$5.99
Beeler's Bone-in Ham (half)
Beeler's Bone-in Ham (half)$4.99
Beeler's St. Louis Ribs
Beeler's St. Louis Ribs$6.79
Hidden Stream Bone-in Pork Chop
Hidden Stream Bone-in Pork Chop$8.59
Hidden Stream Boneless Pork Chop
Hidden Stream Boneless Pork Chop$8.99
Hidden Stream Ground Pork
Hidden Stream Ground Pork$6.99
Hidden Stream Pork Roast
Hidden Stream Pork Roast$5.99
Lorentz Uncured Boneless Ham ($/pound)
Lorentz Uncured Boneless Ham ($/pound)$5.49


Del Pacifica Shrimp (8oz)
Del Pacifica Shrimp (8oz)$9.29
Orca Bay Halibut
Orca Bay Halibut$20.49
Orca Bay Tilapia (10oz)
Orca Bay Tilapia (10oz)$7.49
Orca Bay Alaska Cod Fillets (10oz)
Orca Bay Alaska Cod Fillets (10oz)$9.99
Northern Waters Smoked Boneless Trout
Northern Waters Smoked Boneless Trout$17.99
Northern Waters Smoked Salmon
Northern Waters Smoked Salmon$24.69
Simple Gifts Sockeye Salmon Fillet
Simple Gifts Sockeye Salmon Fillet$15.99

Other Meats

Eichten's Bison Braunschweiger
Eichten's Braunschweiger$12.59
Eichten's Bison Ribeye Steak
Eichten's Buffalo Ribeye Steak$26.19
Eichten's Buffalo Chuck Roast
Eichten's Buffalo Chuck Roast$13.89
Eichten's Bison Burger Patties
Eichten's Buffalo Burger (3) Patties$12.79
Eichten's Ground Bison
Eichten's Ground Buffalo$12.39
Lorentz Swedish Meatball Mix
Lorentz Swedish Meatball Mix$4.79
Hidden Stream Lamb Chops
Hidden Stream Lamb Loin Chops$18.79
Hidden Stream Ground Lamb
Hidden Stream Ground Lamb$12.39
Hidden Stream Lamb Stew Meat
Hidden Stream Lamb Stew Meat$12.79
Hidden Stream Bone-in Leg of Lamb (by special order only)
Hidden Stream Bone-in Leg of Lamb (by special order only)$12.49
Hidden Stream Boneless Leg of Lamb (by special order only)
Hidden Stream Boneless Leg of Lamb (by special order only)$13.49
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