Snacks, Chips, Salsas & Dips

Jerky & Sticks

Bacon Cheddar Beef Sticks
Bacon Cheddar Beef Sticks$4.99
Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno Beef Stick
Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno Beef Stick$4.99
Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky
Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky$5.99
Maple Beef Stick
Maple Beef Stick$4.99
Mild Beef Stick
Mild Beef Stick$4.99
Nick Sticks Spicy Turkey
Nick Sticks Spicy Turkey$2.59
Spicy Beef Stick$4.99
Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky
Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky$5.99
THCC Beef & Cheddar Sticks
THCC Beef & Cheddar Sticks$3.50
THCC Jalapeno Cranberry Sticks
THCC Jalapeno Cranberry Sticks$3.50
THCC Wild Cranberry Beef Stick
THCC Wild Cranberry Beef Stick$3.50
THCC Original Meat Sticks
THCC Original Meat Sticks$3.50
Nick Sticks Free Range Turkey Stick
Nick Sticks Free Range Turkey Stick$2.59
Nick Sticks Grass Fed Beef
Nick Sticks Grass Fed Beef$2.59
Nick Sticks Grass Fed Spicy Beef
Nick Sticks Grass Fed Spicy Beef$2.59
Sogo Grass Fed
Sogo Grass Fed$1.99
THCC Beef Jerky
THCC Beef Jerky$5.99


Pumpkin Seeds (4oz)
Pumpkin Seeds (4oz)$2.99
Wild Berry Mix
Wild Berry Mix$4.75
Barsy's Almonds
Barsy's Almonds$3.89


Clem's Popcorn - 5lb bag
Clem's Popcorn - 5lb bag$17.99
Popcorn - 3 Way Mix$3.99
Popcorn - Caramel$3.99
Popcorn - Cheese$3.99
Smudes Microwave Popcorn
Smudes Microwave Popcorn$5.99
Clem's Popcorn - Popcorn on the Cob (3)
Clem's Popcorn - Popcorn on the Cob (3)$4.49
Clem's Popcorn - 2lb Bag
Clem's Popcorn - 2lb Bag$7.39
Clem's Popcorn Gift Bag
Clem's Popcorn Gift Bag$4.50$7.99
Smude's Sunflower Oil
Smude's Sunflower Oil$13.99

Chips, Crisps & Crackers

Blue Star Farms Mulit-grain
Blue Star Farms Mulit-grain$4.79
Crispy Cheese Crackers
Crispy Cheese Crackers$4.99
Crispy Cornbread Crackers
Crispy Cornbread Crackers$4.99
Partners Garlic & Rosemary
Partners Garlic & Rosemary$4.99
Partners GF Garlic & Rosemary
Partners GF Garlic & Rosemary$5.50
Partners GF Olive Oil & Herb
Partners GF Olive Oil & Herb$5.50
Partners GF Olive Oil & Sea Salt
Partners GF Olive Oil & Sea Salt$5.50
Partners Olive Oil & Herb
Partners Olive Oil & Herb$4.99
Partners Olive Oil & Sea Salt
Partners Olive Oil & Sea Salt$4.99
Potter's Crackers - Applewood Smoked
Potter's Crackers - Applewood Smoked$5.75
Potter's Crackers - Carmalized Onion
Potter's Crackers - Carmalized Onion$5.75
Potter's Oyster Crackers - Classic White
Potter's Oyster Crackers - Classic White$5.75
Potter's Oyster Crackers - Wisconsin Cheddar
Potter's Oyster Crackers - Wisconsin Cheddar$5.75
Sweet Butter Crackers
Sweet Butter Crackers$4.99
WGM Blue Tortilla Chips
WGM Blue Tortilla Chips$4.79
WGM Yellow Tortilla Chips
WGM Yellow Tortilla Chips$4.79

Salsas & Dips

Pita Bread (4pc)$2.49
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus$3.99
Toom Garlic Dip
Toom Garlic Dip$5.59
Traditional Hummus$3.99
Westby French Onion Dip (Organic)
Westby French Onion Dip (Organic)$3.39
Snappy Dog Salsa - Hot
Snappy Dog Salsa - Hot$5.39
Snappy Dog Salsa - Medium
Snappy Dog Salsa - Medium$5.39
Snappy Dog Salsa - Mild
Snappy Dog Salsa - Mild$5.39
Snappy Dog Salsa - Mango
Snappy Dog Salsa - Mango$5.39
Snappy Dog Salsa - Rhubarb
Snappy Dog Salsa - Rhubarb$5.39
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Pineapple
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Pineapple$4.79
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Mild
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Mild$4.79
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Hot
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Hot$4.79
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Medium
Wee Willy's Chunky Salsa - Medium$4.79
Wee Willy's White Dipping Sauce
Wee Willy's White Dipping Sauce$5.29
Double Take Aces and Eights Salsa
Double Take Aces and Eights Salsa$8.69


BT McElrath 70% Dark Chocolate Bite
BT McElrath 70% Dark Chocolate Bite$0.75
Costa's Chocolate Heart
Costa's Chocolate Heart$2.99
Costa's Chocolate Sucker
Costa's Chocolate Sucker$2.50
Max's Bars$3.50
Terroir Peppermint Chocolate - mini$0.75
Rocky Ridge Almond Crunch
Rocky Ridge Almond Crunch$6.49
Rocky Ridge Cashew Crunch
Rocky Ridge Cashew Crunch$6.49
Terroir Chocolate
Terroir Chocolate$5.99
Winter Goddess Caramel
Winter Goddess Caramel$0.99
Busy Bee Honey Stick
Busy Bee Honey Stick$0.25
Heavenly Hunks
Heavenly Hunks$4.49
Costas Truffles
Costas Truffles$1.50
B.T. McElrath Chocolate
B.T. McElrath Chocolate$5.00
Brick Oven Bakery - GF Brownie (Frozen)
Brick Oven Bakery - GF Brownie (Frozen)$2.00
Terroir Chocolate Bar - Salty Nibbler (mini)
Terroir Chocolate Bar - Salty Nibbler (mini)$1.99
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