From Your Farmer: January 2022

I love the chance at the start of each year to stand between the past and the future. To look back at what we accomplished, and ahead to all we hope to do in 2022. If I’m totally honest, 2021 came with its share of challenges. Like all small businesses, we wrestled with continued economic and pandemic-related uncertainty. Would our college, restaurant, and school customers return to normal? Would the severe truck driver shortage impact our ability to receive deliveries? What would Thanksgiving demand look like? Would prices for turkey feed continue to rise? I also had assumed a new turkey product would be one of our 2021 highlights, but very soon after we excitedly launched our Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, our processor informed us they were too short-staffed to continue making it. We had a similarly abrupt end to a popular turkey burger we made almost exclusively for schools. It was a tough year for meat processors and [...]