Turkey Products FAQ2023-08-21T13:54:04-05:00

Ferndale Market Products FAQ

Ingredient Questions:

Do any of your products contain dairy?2023-10-11T08:26:08-05:00

The following products contain dairy:

  • Uncured Pepperjack Turkey Snack Sticks
  • Uncured Smoked Turkey Rachael Brat
  • Spinach Feta Sausage
Do any of your products contain gluten?2023-10-11T08:58:28-05:00

All of our turkey products are gluten free.

What does “deep chill fresh” mean?2023-10-11T09:22:43-05:00

Our fresh Thanksgiving turkeys have never been frozen, but we keep them at a “deep chill” temperature (right at 32° F) so that they stay fresh for your holiday meal. Because of this, a small ice shell may form, but it will disappear quickly once you put it in your home fridge.

What does “uncured” mean?2023-10-11T12:41:43-05:00

“Uncured” is a USDA-regulated term that means no artificial nitrates or nitrites were used. We use ingredients like celery powder to naturally cure our smoked products.

What does “naturally processed” mean?2023-10-11T08:33:24-05:00

“Naturally processed” means that products contain no additives, basting solutions, or preservatives. We are proud of how our turkey tastes so we don’t mask it with fillers!

Cooking Questions:

Do you have a special recipe for making a delicious whole turkey?2023-10-11T08:20:05-05:00

Check out Chef Donald Selmer’s recipe for a succulent Butter & Herb Roasted Turkey. The fresh herbs add amazing flavor to the rich, buttered turkey.

Should I stuff my turkey?2023-10-11T12:35:38-05:00

We recommend caution when stuffing your holiday turkey. The density of the stuffing can cause the inside of the turkey to remain under-cooked while the outside becomes overdone and dries out. We suggest using the flavorful drippings from your cooked bird to season your stuffing before cooking it in a separate pan.

How do I carve a turkey?2023-10-11T12:39:20-05:00

For tips and advice on carving a turkey, visit our page on Cooking Turkey.

Does a fresh turkey cook differently than a frozen turkey?2023-10-11T12:39:40-05:00

Fresh turkeys tend to cook faster than frozen turkeys. Make sure to keep an eye on the bird’s internal temperature so as to not overcook.

Can the plastic hock-lock go in the oven?2023-10-11T12:40:02-05:00

Yes, the hock lock is oven safe.

How do I heat up fully cooked items, like the whole smoked turkey?2023-10-11T12:40:28-05:00

Our smoked products are fully cooked so preparing them is quick and easy! Here are two great heating methods for heating up large items, like our whole smoked turkey:

Using your crockpot:

  1. Place your crockpot on LOW and cover the bottom with water or broth.
  2. Carve your smoked turkey and place the pieces into the crockpot.
  3. Apply the lid and cook until warmed throughout (around 45 minutes).

Using your stove:

  1. Fill the bottom of a broiler tray with water and place the broiler rack on top.
  2. Place your smoked turkey on the broiler try rack and tent securely with tin foil.
  3. Place the trayed smoked turkey in the middle of a 350° F oven and cook for about 1.5 – 2 hours (or until a meat thermometer reaches about 140° F in the center of the breast).
  4. Remove the turkey and carve for serving.


What is the best way to cook turkey?2023-10-11T12:40:46-05:00

Get delicious results no matter what method you use to cook a turkey.  Read our tips and recipes for cooking turkey.

Sourcing Questions:

I can’t make it to Ferndale Market. Where can I find Ferndale Market turkey products near me?2023-10-11T08:17:28-05:00

Our turkey locator will help you find our turkey products near you. If you would like your local retailer to carry a specific Ferndale Market product, please request it at their meat department. Thank you for sourcing our turkey!

Do you carry fresh turkeys year-round?2023-10-11T12:28:04-05:00

We only carry fresh whole turkeys at our on-farm store around Thanksgiving. However, we always have frozen whole turkeys available year-round and are happy to thaw for pickup. To have a frozen turkey thawed for you, please call 507-263-4556 ext 1 or email [email protected].

How do I source your turkey for my business?2023-10-11T08:19:38-05:00

We offer a variety of food service and bulk turkey options to stores, restaurants, schools, corporate dining, and further processing. Learn more about purchasing wholesale turkey products and feel free to contact us to explore how we can fit your needs. Our bulk turkey products are available by the case to retail customers year-round at our on-farm store in Cannon Falls, MN.

What sizes of turkeys are available?2023-10-11T08:21:18-05:00

We have turkeys starting at 10 pounds all the way up to 24 pounds! If you are picking up your turkey at one of our retail partners, please call ahead to see what size ranges they will have available. If you are preordering your turkey for pickup at our market, turkeys can be preordered in 2 pound increment ranges from 10-24 so you can get the perfect turkey for your celebration.

I have questions about getting a turkey for Thanksgiving.2023-10-11T08:24:01-05:00

We made a whole page to help with all your Thanksgiving questions! Visit our Thanksgiving FAQ page.

Do you ship products?2023-10-11T08:27:11-05:00

We offer shipping on a selection of our turkey products throughout the U.S. Visit our Shipping page to learn more.