It seems like everybody is pivoting these days.  New ways of communicating, working, and shopping have become the norm.  Even my beloved Minnesota Twins are only playing 60 games this season, although I hope they manage a few more in October!  As many of you know, we’ve done our best to adapt to the current realities at Ferndale Market too, launching curbside pickup and regional shipping, all while dealing with the loss of our college, school, and restaurant partners and the uncertainty that lies ahead.

In the world of turkey farming, no day carries more significance than Thanksgiving, and there’s no easy pivot here because our Thanksgiving flocks are already running around the farm.  We’ve wrestled for months with how to best continue our traditions at Ferndale Market because they are central to our annual cycle and important to so many of our farm partners – from our pie maker to our gravy kitchen.  With that in mind, we’ve been busy building a TurkeyFest and fresh turkey pickup like never before.

In short, we’re moving the entire event to an outdoor drive-through, where you’ll have the chance to get your Thanksgiving turkey and holiday favorites all without leaving your car.  Like in the past, you’ll be able to reserve your turkey online beginning October 19th.  As your scheduled pickup date draws closer, you’ll also have a chance to add any of our other grocery items to your order – from brining spice to potatoes.  We’ll bundle it all together and have it ready when you pull into our driveway.

If this sounds like a puzzle, it most certainly is!  We are still working on the details, but wanted to spread the word that we’re building a socially-distanced and fun new way to maintain the traditions from our farm driveway to your table.

Although it will be a Thanksgiving unlike any we’ve experienced, we look forward to seeing you through your car window and continuing the shared experiences around our Ferndale turkeys.  Be well and thanks for your continued support of our farm and market!