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Turkey Summer Sausage

Our Ferndale Market Turkey Summer Sausage is the perfect addition to a charcuterie board. Featuring our antibiotic-free turkey blended with clean ingredients, it is mildly spiced and pairs well with cheese. Serve our summer sausage thinly sliced on a board or try it in a sandwich. This product is shelf-stable and pork-free.

Product Weight: 14 oz
Amount / Pack: 1
Packs / Case: 12
Case Weight: 10.5 lbs
UPC: 0085759900218 Categories: ,

Raised with care

Antibiotic Free
Antibiotic Free
Clean Ingredients
Clean Ingredients
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Nitrate Free
Nitrate Free
Naturally Processed
Naturally Processed
Pork Free
Pork Free


  • Turkey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Sea Salt
  • Contains less than 2% of: Cherry Juice Powder (contains organic cane sugar), Cultured Celery Powder, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Mustard Seed, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Sage, Lactic Acid, Starter Culture

Storage and Handling

Shelf stable. Product is fully cooked. Expiration date is listed on package.

Naturally Cured

"Uncured" simply means that the product was cured without the use of chemical nitrates. Because we cure all our turkey products with the naturally occurring nitrates in celery salt, the USDA requires we add "uncured" to our labels. All of our "uncured" products are fully-cooked and can be enjoyed warm or cold!

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