Thanksgiving Turkey

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Thank you for choosing a Ferndale Market turkey this Thanksgiving season!

Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey - Free Range Turkey | Ferndale Market

If you’re not able to visit Ferndale Market and you’d like to source one of our turkeys, check out our online locator to find a retail partner near you. We recommend contacting each retailer directly for preorder information.

Fresh Apple Pie

Be sure to reserve rich turkey gravy made with our turkey at Birchwood Cafe and homemade apple pies from Sunshine Orchard. Both are available in limited quantities.

For pickup at Ferndale Market, our on-farm store in Cannon Falls, MN.

This is only a pre-order form to reserve your holiday turkey and you will not be charged for submitting your reservation.

Our turkey products are priced per pound so final cost will be based on your turkey's specific weight. The listing prices are simply to provide a rough estimation of cost.

Fresh turkeys – $2.15/lb, Smoked turkeys – $3.49/lb, Bone-in breasts – $1.99/lb.

*Turkey prices listed below are for reference and are an approximation only.
ImageName Approx PriceBuy
Fresh Turkey: 10-12 lbs ($2.15/lb)$25.00
Fresh Turkey: 12-14 lbs ($2.15/lb)$30.00
Fresh Turkey: 14-16 lbs ($2.15/lb)$34.00
Fresh Turkey: 16-18 lbs ($2.15/lb)$38.00
Fresh Turkey: 18-20 lbs ($2.15/lb)$42.00
Fresh Turkey: 20-22 lbs ($2.15/lb)$47.00
Fresh Turkey: 22-24 lbs ($2.15/lb)$51.00
Smoked Whole Turkey: 10-12 lbs ($3.49/lb)$40.00
Bone-in Breast: 5-7 lbs ($1.99/lb)$14.00
Turkey Gravy (Quart)$9.95
Homemade Apple Pie$15.00
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