Midwestern farmers aren’t supposed to brag, and typically I try to live up to that reputation. But when we learned that our Turkey Wiener had been named the BEST poultry hot dog in a tasting by Epicurious, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! If you haven’t seen the article, you can find it here.

We were as surprised as anybody by the news, which made it all the more special. We hadn’t applied or known this was happening, so it felt like a real endorsement and we ran into real competition with some familiar names.

When it comes to bragging, the truth is that the real credit goes to our friends at Lorentz Meats, who actually make the hot dog for us (and, through a stroke of amazingly good fortune, happen to be located just up the road from us in Cannon Falls). Sure, we raise the turkeys, but if you’re picturing our team with a sausage stuffer and smoker, you’d be wrong. We’re able to make a great hot dog because Lorentz Meats knows how to make a great hot dog.

We just hosted our annual Farm Tour Day last weekend, and one of the things I try to mention on each tour is that all our processing happens in Minnesota, at independent processors and smokehouses. I often say we are “fiercely proud” of that fact, and it’s true.  Not only do we think they make better products – as witnessed in the Epicurious story – but it’s the model we want to support. In an otherwise consolidated meat world, we want to carve a different path, with fellow local, independent folks.

So, be sure to enjoy these summer days with our Turkey Wieners, and we’ll join you in the spirit of giving thanks for partners who help us make great products – and even win the occasional award – just to challenge our Midwestern modesty!