This is one of my favorite notes to write each year because I have the chance to personally invite you to our farm. Yes, we’re hosting our annual Summer Farm Tour day this Saturday morning from 9:30-11:30.  We’ll be doing hayride tours through the farm and we’ll have samples to try in the market. I’ll be playing tour guide on one of the wagons, and I sincerely love the interaction with our customers and fans.

These farm tour days embody what makes independent farms like ours so unique. Of course, you’ll get to see first-hand the distinctive farming practices we still use, but it’s also my hope that the spirit of transparency is refreshing in our world of big meat brands, supported by completely anonymous farms and practices. We so rarely know the who, where, why, and how questions behind our food system. As I always say, we strive to do something different here. Days like Saturday are our chance to pull back the curtain on our type of farming.

We’ll spend this week getting the grass mowed, the hay wagons ready, and the store stocked. The turkeys, well, they’re completely oblivious to the prep, but I’m betting they’ll be curious to see you on Saturday. We all hope to see you on the farm!